Nueve Días con María Magdalena

In this novena, a nine-day reflection, you are invited to walk with Mary Magdalene. Let her share with you the spiritual goods and treasures she discovered in her journey of becoming a missionary disciple. Her journey reminds us of a fundamental truth: we are created out of love and for love. We carry this vocation in fragile vessels. The inherent desire to love implies a freedom to do so, but necessitates a compass or guide. Mary Magdalene likely tasted the depths of freedom, one type of freedom led her to a certain spiritual death and the other led to new life. A misguided use of freedom bound her with “seven demons.” Perhaps we can all relate in some way, as we recognize the subtle idols that snuff out the life of God within. But the good news is that Jesus steps into the messiness of our life. We have Mary Magdalene as a witness to this good news. As he did with Mary Magdalene, Jesus reaches out, takes us by the hand, and invites us to an ever new and deeper freedom – a freedom lived in accordance with our dignity, made in God’s image.

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Soy Rita Ruiz, consagrada desde hace 26 años. Soy de Querétaro, México. Comencé haciendo dibujos que se me vienen en la oración, compartiéndolos a personas cercanas.